7 Best Ways To Make Your 1st Anniversary Special

first anniversary


Newly wedded couple. You have completed one year together happily. Your first anniversary must have so much fun and happiness. Also, you guys have achieved a milestone of completing 12 months together. You must be thinking of celebrating this day with a blast. So here we are to help you with all the tips and tricks that can make your day interesting and best. Also, don’t forget to make your partner feel special and delighted.

Dream party –

You can organize a dream party for your partner. Choose themes according to your partner. As you can go with Disney land theme, marvel theme, or floral theme. If you are organizing a party on a grand level you definitely should go for a floral theme. As this is very much in trend these days. Also, you can order flowers online easily, you will also get a range of choices. You can also decorate the whole place with an anniversary bouquet, which is also available online. 

Treasure hunt

As both of you complete 12 months together, organize a full treasure hunt for your partner with 12 gifts. Place each gift on each place with a clue for the next. Make clues very funny and interesting. To make it more interesting you can also use your body to hide the last clue. This will surely make your evening best. 

Trip to your favorite spot –

You can plan a small 3-4 days trip in which you should choose the place which is loved by both of you. It can be the place where both of you first meet or the place where both of you kissed for the first time or made out. This can be added with gifts and flowers. Also if both of you are staying apart you can send flowers to Bangalore as midnight flower delivery in mumbai is available and when they call you at the midnight to thank you, send them the tickets. This will surely make them happy. 

Netflix and chill –

Both of you can surely stay at home and just have fun with each other. Watch your favorite movie together and talk to each other the whole day. You can also cook food together and have fun. Take off from work just to love each other. You can also try some adult movies, just to spice up the evening. This celebration will surely be remembered by both of you. 

Candle light dinner –

As it’s your first wedding anniversary you can send flowers to Delhi for loved ones surely try something very romantic. As you can take your partner to a romantic candlelight dinner with good music and good food. This is loved by everyone. Don’t forget to decorate the table according to you, also add a beautiful cake saying happy anniversary my love, as extra efforts are surely loved by everyone. Also, choose a private table away from the crowd.

Photo shoot –

If both of you are photoholic, you can surely arrange a post-wedding photoshoot for the two of you. You just have to book a location and a photographer. Do click candid pictures and add them to collections. Don’t forget to give your gift to your partner during the photoshoot, so that we can capture the priceless reactions of your partner. You can just have fun with each other and let the photographer do his work. 

Be as crazy as you can –

You can be as crazy and adventurous as you can, after all, it’s your first wedding anniversary. You can book tickets to any adventure park, hot air balloons ride can be done, or you can also choose for sports like river rafting and skydiving if possible in your area. Give this a full surprise to your partner, let them wonder for the whole day. Add this with a good and amazing breakfast. As you can also give your present to them in the morning itself. To make their day and yours too.

With all these super-duper amazing ideas. Don’t forget to have a healthy conversation with your partner. Talk to them, communicate what you like about them most? Tell them what you expect from them and this relationship? Tell them about your future plans and listen to theirs also. As communication will make your bond stronger and longer.

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