8 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins of advanced features

Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins

To make the process of internet surfing more interesting, there are many WordPress plugin development companies that come up with innovative features for your WordPress sites. One such feature is the live chat feature, which adds a personal touch to your website.

Live chat enables the WordPress developer or business owner to communicate efficiently with the site visitors and understand their needs. It helps provide excellent customer service and solutions to customer problems in real-time. 

Live chat plugins help eliminate buyer friction by ensuring a human presence to the customer. We have curated the following list to help you select the best live chat plugins for your needs:


LiveChat is a quality Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins that caters to the needs of both the visitors and the agents. The plugin offers a customizable chatbox that you can use to initiate conversations with the customer. 

The box is always visible at the bottom corner of the page for easy communication, after which there is also a provision for customer feedback. However, it is a paid service that comes with a 14-day free trial, which can be used to gauge whether you want to avail of the service or not.


Olark is a feature-rich live chat solution that can be easily incorporated into a WordPress website. It offers many advanced features such as chat reports and CRM integration. You get a detailed breakdown of the visitor’s activity on your site.

This plugin is best suited for those who need advanced features for their live chat settings, and are willing to pay for them. It offers easy localization and translation but has a limited free trial, and most features can only be accessed by subscribing to the premium service.


Zendex, previously known as Zopim, has gained a lot of popularity courtesy of its stylish chatboxes, and customizable layouts. It allows access to the chats using an external Zopim dashboard, or similar mobile apps. The dashboard also provides metrics to review chat performances and history.

A free model of the chat will suffice for small websites, but if one needs additional features like chat triggers (to specify specific conditions for the chatbox to auto-launch), they would require the paid version.


Tidio is one of the easiest and most reliable and Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins one can use for their WordPress website. It provides unlimited free chats and chats history, while also providing a customizable chatbox.

The chat can be handled using the Tidio Chat tab on the WordPress site, or similar mobile apps. In case one is unable to chat, offline messages are delivered directly to their inbox. Tidio offers most of its features for free, and the additional features are also available for a nominal price.


Drift is a WordPress plugin development company recommended for big businesses. Apart from offering customer support, Drift also focuses on generating sales. Hence, it provides relevant features such as conversational lead generation forms to replace the traditional ones on the WordPress site. 

It provides a chatbot which enables the visitors to book meetings via chat, and also create automatic sales sequences. However, its free plan is quite limited and one should ideally opt for the paid option.


Intercom is another service more focused on businesses who can hire WordPress developers, rather than an agency, and hence tends to get pretty expensive. It offers a new and competent way to acquire, engage, and retain customers, as it can offer many user tracking functionalities and automation triggers.

These provide a means to reach out to customers in perfect situations, hence optimizing audience targeting. One can chat using the web dashboard or similar mobile apps, and even schedule texts to be sent in advance.


Formilla is a premium live chat service that can work free with modest traffic figures. It offers many features, including a proactive chat, even for its free users. Chat history can be accessed, along with other features like chat queues and offline email forms.

The premium plans are offered at reasonable prices, coming alongside relevant incentives. Premium users get additional access to features like real-time visitor monitoring and customizable chat boxes.

Pure Chat

Pure Chat is probably the Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins available, as it offers consistent features in both it’s free and paid versions. The chatbox provides unlimited customizations and animations which make it extremely attractive. Chats are handled using the Pure Chat dashboard or comparable mobile apps.

One can also schedule whether to set the live chat function online or offline, as the live chatbox converts into an opt-in form for any MailChimp email list. It also provides functions such as powerful analytics, multi-chat management, and proactive chat triggers.


You now have a fair idea of the live chat plugins available in the market. Does your own research to look for a high-performance live chat plugin. If you can’t find something worthy, then contact a WordPress plugin development company for plugin building enquires.

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