How A Lash Class Can Change Your Life

Many women haven’t been blessed with naturally long, full, thick, dark eyelashes, but that doesn’t mean the only option is mascara — as much as we love it! Lots of women seek eyelash extensions at their regular beauty salons to give them the look and added confidence they desire. If you’re an aspiring beginner, or you already work at or own a beauty salon, a short lash class can broaden your services and help you bring in more customers. Lash classes are fairly affordable for most people and can allow you to better your own future. Read on to learn how a lash class can benefit your business, and change your life!

What is a Lash Class Like?

Lash extension classes are typically short term, lasting from only one to several days. There are different options available that will suit people based on how they learn best. Online courses can be conducted through live webinars or recorded videos you can watch as many times as you need. You can also attend on-site classes with others that are taught by an instructor, or you can find courses that offer direct, one-on-one in-person learning. 

Courses can range in price from just a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand. Classes can focus on the classic training and basics needed to perform the service, or they can focus on specific details like volumizing, lifts, and perms. You can also find classes in which you will become a certified educator yourself at the end of the course.

Achieve Certification

Look for lash classes that will give you a certification that can be hung in your place of business. This is like a mini advertisement to customers that asserts your knowledge and expertise in lash extensions. It lets the customer know they can come to you with confidence for these services. While you could source DIY videos online, working with a real instructor will allow you to ask questions so you can be more informed when working with customers. Getting a certification will give you a leg up against the competition. A certification can also be added to your resume and help you land jobs in the future. 

Boost Your Income  

Of course, broadening the services that you offer will help you gain more income and clientele for your salon business. Providing new services helps you reach an audience that might not have been interested in your salon before. A lash class will make sure you apply lash extensions expertly, teaching you the do’s and don’ts, as well as how to fix mistakes and troubleshoot issues. Doing your best work will give your customers a good experience. They’ll tell their friends, give you good reviews, and send more work your way. 

Learn The Best Products

Lash classes will also recommend the best products to use to give your customers longer-lasting lashes. Lash extensions are increasingly becoming popular services, so you have to set your salon apart from the competition. Providing your customers with quality services and products will have them coming back again and again. You also benefit from the flexibility of this service. Lash extensions are something that can be done in a salon, but they can also be easily done from the comfort of your home or your clients’ homes. You can make it even more comfortable for yourself and your clients by choosing the most convenient location.

Enjoy Job Security

Another awesome benefit of taking a lash class is that there’s plenty of job security! You’re not going to lose your job to a robot any time soon. Choosing to pursue a career in the beauty industry is a smart choice. No matter what’s happening with the economy, people will always want to look their best, and many will choose to invest in eyelash extensions. After all, looking and feeling your best is priceless.

Applying lash extensions is time-consuming, but it’s something that can easily be learned by almost anybody. From beginners to expert cosmetologists, lash extensions are just another standard procedure that can be added to your resume to increase your workflow and earn extra income. When looking for a certification class that’s right for you, be sure to read reviews and check into the business’s reputation to find one that will give you top quality information. Taking the leap to get the extra education in your field is always worth the investment.

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