How Do I Regrout Tiles Without Remove Old Grouting?


If your bathroom and kitchen tiles are looking dirty and dull then consider grouting instead of installing new tiles. Because tile re-grouting is the simplest way to renew your bathroom and kitchen’s tiles look. Moreover, it will provide the tiles with a new and fresh look with a good or solid condition. 

It will help to make the whole bathroom or kitchen a new look even without installing new tiles. Don’t worry, it’s an easy job and you can do it yourself as well. As Regrouting don’t require any kind of professional skill, but your time and effort to place the material correctly. 

If you are doing it by yourself then you can save a lot of money as well as working time. But if you don’t have appropriate time then you can get the tile Regrouting Melbourne services easily. 

Regrouting Mechanism:

It based on two basic steps including removal of old grout and dirt on it then apply the layer of new grout. Leave it for more than two days to dry. After complete drying, wipe off the tiles to remove all the remaining residue. 

Essential Equipment For It:

  • Wear glasses and mask to prevent dust and dirt
  • An oscillator to remove the grout
  • Vacuum for vacuuming out the dirt
  • Sponge to apply the grout
  • Grout 
  • Old grout remover
  • Grout powder or mixture

A Few Consideration Before Re-Grout Tiles:

Remove Old Grout Properly:

Use an oscillating tool to remove the old grout. On the other hand, you can also use the specific blades designed for this purpose. These tools help to remove the grout easily and efficiently. To remove the old grout completely, you need to do work with effort and potential. 

Moreover, while doing this step, take care of tile’s ceramic as well as texture. Apart from this, if you don’t want to remove the old grout then simply wipe out the dirt and dust from the old grout through proper cleaning. Furthermore, you can also choose the manual grout removal tools to remove, but requires more time and effort. 

Wipeout Dirt From Grout Lines:

After removing the old grout for tile re-grouting, Wipeout all the dust and dirt from grout lines. For this, you can also use the oscillation tool, but carefully. Because inappropriate usage of this tool can damage and break the tiles easily. Moreover, it can also cause grout crumbling. 

So, you need to remove the dust and dirt from grout lines carefully. Because later on, you can also remove the residue with the help of a soft cloth or towel. Vacuuming out can also help to remove the grout from lines. 

Remove The Remaining Residue:

To wipe out all the remaining residue, use a screwdriver or a knife. It will help to carve out all the remaining residue completely. However, use the knife or other tools carefully. Otherwise, it can cause scratching on the surface of the tiles. 

Vacuuming Out:

After removal of old grout, vacuum out all the dirt and dust properly with the help of a vacuum pump. Keep in mind that, you need to clean the old grout and grout lines completely before regrout tiles. Because if you have dull and dirty old grout then it can make new grout also dull and inconsistent. 

Therefore, you need to clean the old grout completely before applying a new one. 

Prepare A Mixture Of Grout:

Grout is available in the form of powder as well as an already mixed mixture. However, if you are using it in powder form then you can make a mixture by combining it with water. For this, take half a cup of powder and one cup of water to mix it properly. 

Try to make a thick and consistent paste for better tile regrouting Melbourne results. Leave the paste to sit properly for a short time before application. Moreover, if you are not a professional then you can also follow the instructions over the packages for better understanding. 

Apply the Mixture on joints:

Use a grout float to spread the mixture onto tiles while tile re-grouting. While applying the mixture, spread it completely onto all joints and lines. Repeat it if necessary. Once you have done the grouting then clean out all the tiles with the help of a sponge. 

It will help to clean the tile surface without scratching. Moreover, cleaning through a sponge will help to remove all the excess grout from the tiles and joint lines.

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