How do you carry a motorcycle in a car?


Do you own a motorcycle and want to transport it to some other destination? Well, there may be plenty of reasons that you cannot ride your bike to the destination due to its long-distance, or it is not in working condition, or else maybe you are yet to procure the license. However, irrespective of the reasons, it is now possible to have it fitted in a car or a truck and carry it along safely.

Trick to carry a motorcycle in a car

So, are you wondering how you will fit your motorcycle into a car? Will you have to rent an SUV or a minivan or a truck? Well, if your car is in good working condition and holds the capacity to carry heavy loads then your motorcycle will surely fit in. All you are required to do is take a little care, maybe hire a light trailer to do justice to the job during the transport.

This article deems to provide you the perfect solution to carry your motorcycle in a car without much trouble and securely. So here are a few basics before we head on to learning the trick of carrying a motorcycle in a car. Check it out:

Here are a few necessities to consider:

  • Find out the weight of your motorcycle
  • Avail a trailer
  • Know the basics of how to use it
  • Learn about the various tips and techniques to transfer it safely

Techniques to carry your motorcycle in a car

Step 1: What capacity of weight can your car tow?

This is the most important criterion to follow which includes understanding how much exact capacity of load can your car take up. Loading your car more than its capacity will leave it stranded in between the journey. You can either refer to your car’s manual.

On the other hand, you must also check the weight of your motorcycle, which again can be found in the user manual along with the weight of its accessories. On average a trailer can carry 250 lbs of weight. Combining all the weight together you can know the overall capacity you can load. For best performance, it is recommended to not load more than 80% of its weight to prevent accidents through a bumpy road ride.

Step 2: Buy and attach good quality tow hitch

To move a motorcycle, you would be required to fix it to the trailer. For this, you will need a hitch that is compatible with your car. If there is no hitch already you can get them online from a good company. You will find one of a standard size and fit however, for specific cars you may require different hitches.

Furthermore, to fix a hitch you may have to drill holes into the frame. Moreover, all hitches come with its tools with clear instructions wherein you can fix them yourself.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate trailer

carry motorcycle

After you choose the appropriate trailer you need to take some necessary precautions. Here are a few listed below:

  • Never exceed the car’s tow capacity. Exceeding it can be dangerous which include:
  • Cause mechanical issues
  • Fishtailing can cause your trailer to swing back, making it difficult to steer or hamper it
  • It can cause harm to your car’s transmission.

Ensure the electrical components of the trailer are in good working condition. Check it before you take your car with your motorcycle fitted in it.

Check the brakes

When your car is attached to a trailer and towing it, it will double the brake time. Hence, ensure your brake is in a working condition. Besides, practice a lap around the block before you get on the roads.

Register your trailer

Ensure the trailer you have borrowed is registered to avoid any trouble.

Drive slowly

If you are not proficient with using a trailer, drive the trailer slowly.

Avoid overheating of the engine

Ensure your engine is proper and it is not overheating. Thus pack along some antifreeze and extra water.

Hire a professional motorcycle transport service


If you are unsure about how to transport your motorcycle in a car, the best way is to hire a professional towing service. With experienced professionals, you can get the assistance of a professional who would know the exact capacity of your motorcycle and how much your car can take the load.

In addition to the above-stated points, ensure to practice complete safety when transporting your motorcycle. It should be spacious, clean to avoid wear and tear or any damage to your motorcycle.

Carry along with your dearest companion, motorcycle, and get set on an adventure trip riding your favorite motorcycle.

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