How to Draw A Sharpie

Draw A Sharpie

How to Draw A Sharpie. When it comes to drawing, coloring, and highlighting, you can use many different tools to get the job done.

Pens come in many shapes, sizes, and brands; everyone has their favorite drawing tool.

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Sharpie brand has become famous worldwide, and many people trust them for their amazing pen products.

In this guide to drawing a Sharpie, we explain how to draw one of these permanent markers.

You can use different drawing tools to create and color the image, and you can even use a real Sharpie for this drawing!

How to Draw A Sharpie

Step 1

We will use one of their popular permanent marker for this Sharpie design. It will be hooded, but you can draw an unhooded version if you’d like!

For now, let’s start with the Sharpie’s lid. The top of the cap is small and straight, and the sides are slightly curved to the sides as shown in the reference image.

Once we have drawn this beginning of the cap, we can proceed to the second step of the guide.

Step 2

You started with the outline of the pen cap in step one of how to draw a sharpie guide, and in the next step, we will finish the outline and details for this cap.

First, use a short, slightly curved stripe for the bottom of the cap. Here is the hole where the pin would go.

Next, add another curved line inside the cap to give it some dimension. Finally, for this step, let’s add the clip.

The clip is very thin and fits very snugly on the side of the cap. Now that you’ve drawn it as it looks in our reference, it’s time for step 3.

Step 3

The cover of this Sharpie drawing is complete, and now we can start drawing the pen itself. This part looks easy, but it may require a steady hand to draw!

You might be tempted to use a ruler, but if you look closely, you notice that the sides of the pencil are slightly curved.

Slow and steady is the recommendation for this part, and if you’re struggling to get it looking right, you can draw it with a pencil before committing to the pen.

Once we’ve completed the pen outline, we can add the finer details in the next few steps.

Step 4

The outlines for the pen and cap are complete, and we can now focus on the inner details of the drawing.

We will add some line detail to this part’s hood and the famous Sharpie logo.

First, draw a curved line across the cap to get more texture detail. Next, we design the logo.

The Sharpie logo is drawn in a rather elaborate font, and while it may look very cool, it’s also quite difficult to draw.

When drawing this logo, it is recommended to enlarge the reference image and carefully copy it with a pencil.

Then you can go over the pencil lines with the pen. Then we can move on to the final details!

Step 5

This is how to draw a sharpie guide, where we will add the details to prepare you for the final step of the tutorial.

First, we will finish the logo. To complete it, let’s write “fine lace” next to the logo you drew in the previous step.

Luckily this is illustrated in a much more specific font than the logo itself! Finally, draw curved lines along the pen body to complete the details.

Once these have been drawn, you can proceed to the final step! Before you do that, you can add any other details or elements you might like.

You could draw this to look like this Sharpie is lying on a table with other drawing tools and art supplies. AD You could even use some of the art supplies you used to draw this picture with as templates! What other ideas can you think of to complete this picture?

Step 6

It’s time to finish this picture with some color. In our reference image, we showed you how to colorize it.

We used black for the hood and left some white accents for the reflective details. Next, we used shades of gray for the pen barrel to give it that classic Sharpie look.

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