How to Prevent injuries During Workout!

prevent injuries

As we are getting deeper into the 21st century, our lives are getting more and more technology-driven. Depending on technology is not a bad thing but abusing our health with it is. Moreover, our lives are getting faster and busier that we don’t get time to heal our bodies. In this battle of health and ambitions, our health is getting affected. Also, another factor is the lifestyle that we have adapted. But in the last few years, there is some sort of awareness created among the masses about their health. More and more people are hitting gyms and trying to adopt a better lifestyle now.

But, most of them happen to hurt themselves, especially the beginners. This results in them leaving their fitness journey. In these hard times of pandemic, people are avoiding gyms and working out at their homes without the supervision of any trainer or a professional. This also leads them to muscular and tissue injuries. But don’t worry, we can prevent these injuries and even heal them quickly if we critically pay attention to them. So, without any delay, let’s see how to prevent injuries during workout.

Knowing Your Injury

First things first, before learning the methods to prevent or heal injuries, let’s take a look at why injuries happen in the first place. Internal injuries can be divided into two main parts, bone injuries, and muscular injuries. The former is when something hard hits our body from the external world and its impact is so much that we hurt our bones. The latter is when our muscles stretch beyond their limits and eventually burst, or when something from the external world hits our body and its impact hurts our muscles and tissues.

Sprain and Strain

The muscular injuries are further divided into two major parts. When we hurt our tissues in the injury, then it is known as strain. As the size of the tissues is smaller, the injuries are less painful and tend to heal faster. On the other hand, when we hurt our muscles, it is known as strain. The size of the muscles is bigger, thus the injuries are more painful comparatively and they tend to heal slowly.

How to prevent injuries during workout

There is an old saying, “prevention is better than cure.” It seems a very simple statement but weights itself. If we prevent injuries to happen in the first place, we can do so many favors on ourselves. Many athletes have to withdraw from their respective tournaments just because of injuries. Also, injuries affect an individual’s performance and agility. Here, we will discuss how we can prevent injuries.

A Proper Workout Gear

Investing in proper workout gear is very important. A workout gear includes a workout t-shirt, a pair of track pants or shorts, sports shoes, and a wrist band. These things help you increasing your range of motion and helps in performing the given task very efficiently and thus improving your endurance. Often, these gears are a bit expensive but you can grab them at cheaper prices at JD Sports Black Friday Sale 2020 that offers a wide range of fitness gears.

Warm-up and Stretching

The first line of defense is warming up your body before performing workouts. The science behind it is very simple. If we perform hard exercises or lift heavy weights without stretching, then we are prone to burst our tissues or muscles because in that case, we stretch our muscles beyond their limits. And when we perform exercises after warm-up and stretching, we can stretch our muscles a bit more and thus increasing the breaking point of muscles at which we can get injured. So, you must warm-up before exercising.

Train under Supervision

Last but not least you must always train under the supervision of a professional, especially if you are a beginner. This not only important for preventing injuries but also important for your gains from the workout. Also, when we lift heavy weights, we need to have some assistance. Sometimes, because of our ego, we don’t ask for assistance and eventually end up injuring ourselves. So, you must always train under the supervision of a professional.

How to Heal Injuries

Well, the best of the best athletes get injured. Our first focus should be on preventing the injuries but when we have got injuries, then there is no escape, we have to heal ourselves and get back to training. And one thing that is very important in the healing stage is that we must give proper rest to our injury, or at least we shouldn’t train the injured muscle or body part till the injury is properly cured.

Cold Therapy

For the last two decades, cold therapy has become very popular among the physiotherapists across the globe. Earlier it was considered that muscles should be warmed for healing, but the latest studies show that instead of warm therapy cold therapy is more effective when done right after getting injured. You just need an ice-pack or a cold gel that is easily available in the market.

Massage Therapy

Instead of taking pain killers for avoiding pain, you can go for therapeutic massages and let your injuries heal naturally. Also, you don’t need to take any medicine unless your injury is too serious and very hard to heal. Therapeutic massages are done with the natural essential oils that have medicated properties that give relief from pain and heal the injuries.

Eating Right

Nutrition is the key to quick relief. When we eat good nutritious food that is full of proteins, we tend to decrease the healing duration of the injury. Nutrition anyway contributes more than 75 percent in developing physical fitness.


As far as the external injuries(cuts and wounds) are considered, they must be treated instantly. You must wash the wound with some antiseptic and apply ointment on it.

Injuries are a part of physical fitness development. If we don’t get injured, it means we didn’t do our best. But at the same time, it should not mean that we have to get injured always. The best thing that we can do is to always be prepared for the injuries and reduce the magnitude of the injuries. By following these steps, you can continue your journey towards a better you.

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