Impact of an influencer in promoting CBD brands

Impact of an influencer

Branding and marketing have a deep-rooted impact on business growth in all sectors all across the world. A company, having a consumer-friendly product, have to depend a lot on the marketing techniques and tricks. The CBD companies, entering into the marketing legally after the changes in the legal norms, have to depend a lot on the strategic marketing procedure. The CBD brands working in the niches like beauty, healthcare, wellness, and so on have to take up with their competitors to stay alive in the business. Practically, even if the products are unique, the business approach should also have to be out of the box!

Gaining worldwide acceptance is the prime focus

How one can differentiate a brand among others, is the very next question. The main propaganda for these companies to make sure a win-win situation is to rely on two major approaches. The first one is public relation and the other being influencer marketing. The Hemp & CBD brands looking for influencers know very well about the impact of influencer marketing in the business. 

CBD is a non-psychoactive component. It is found in cannabis and usually used for treatment like chronic pain, wellness, or inflammation. However, the product is not universally accepted in the open market though legally it has surpassed various difficulties. In order to get into the mainstream market, the CBD brand manufacturers are now dependent on various social media and influencer marketing methods. Considerably, this is the only way to compete with the mainstream market.

How influencers influence promotions?

Influencers like celebrities of various fields or various social media influencers have a huge fan base. The fans or the followers are directly engaged with these well-known faces on a regular basis. The promotion done by such personalities can easily grab the attention of customers and in long run can become a prominent competitor in the open market. It has been seen influencers can significantly change the business facts and figures. 

How legally the CBD game changed within a couple of years?

Within a span of a couple of years the CBD game changed a lot. Various legal complications and restrictions are withdrawn by the political side and soon after that, the Hemp and CBD brands started working to acquire the market. 

Underneath are the changes made in the legal terms in recent time: 

1. CBD approved for legal if the hemp contains 0.3% of THC. As long the percentage of THC is maintained, the use of CBD is allowed.

2. The bam has been lifted from hemp-made products which were not legalized for sale or transportation, after the new set of rule.

3. Hemp cultivation has been given green signal.

The cannabis industry is expected to gain expansion at a rapid rate than today. However, even if the industry follows the same growth rate then by the end of 2020, the market cap will be $20 billion and in the next two years, it will reach $22 billion. It needs special mention that the CBD brands even after becoming legalized are not able to do advertisements with ease and thus the brands are focusing on influencers for rapid growth.

Influencer and PR working on the same platform

In order to maximize the growth or push and growth of a CBD, brands are approaching the best-in-class marketing strategies. The brands engaging the influencers and PR are able to circulate their promotional work without involving themselves in the traditional laws of advertisement. The trust factor works fantastic here as the young people who are following the influencers through various social media platforms has a valid point to buy the products. The celebrity backing helps a lot to channelize the brand in various locations all over the globe. Also, among several digital marketing processes, influencer marking has the maximum impact, especially during this pandemic situation. 

On top of it, brands having a lesser budget can hire micro-influencer that fits their budget. As the influencers create their own content with photo and video are expected to create a better and creative image of the brands. It is a new era of a young generation that is going to make the product more viable to consumers compared to the traditional advertisement process.

Positive outcome

According to some reputed journals, it has been seen that the result of influencer marketing is significant. 57% of contents published by authentic sources or celebrities are viewed. As a result, the promotion gets engaged in the short and long-term response. 49% of the crowd following the influencers make their decisions depending on the recommendation made by the celebrities. In fact, Twitter or Instagram contents convert 5 times better response compared to any other reliable marketing process. Overall the impact of influencer promotion is effective and durable for any brand. It willing to reach globally without making an investment in outmoded ad works. 

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