Security Guard Uniform: 4 Best Shirt Colors for 2022

Security Guard Uniform

Security guard uniforms can come in many different shapes and sizes. But did you know that shirts for these uniforms can also come in different colors? If you think about it, you’ll likely have seen security guards dressed up in more than a couple of colors.

The color of the uniform security shirts wear differs from organization to organization. After all, they are employees that follow the dress code. However, the shirt they wear underneath is a different case. Organizations have more freedom in choosing the colors of these shirts as long as they look presentable.

But what are the best colors for 2022? Let’s find out.

Security Guard Uniforms

Security guard uniforms are often made up of impressive colored shirts. Most people that have come across security guards will tell you that they’re easy to pick out. After all, security guards are often dressed in very specific outfits. The colors featured in these uniforms are usually neutral.

Even though the uniforms should be imposing, they shouldn’t be too flashy. A security guard should be able to convey authority and stature

1.  Black for Security Guard Shirts

One of the best color options for a security guard uniform shirt is black. Black shirts can look pretty smart on your security guards. There’s nothing that looks quite as imposing as a crisp, deep black shirt on security personnel. This color conveys authority in most places.

Also, it helps that black is a common color in one’s wardrobe. You could even consider it a classic. The color black would look good regardless of the imposed security guard uniform color.

But, there’s one reason why firms don’t always opt for black as a staple undergarment in security guard uniforms. This reason is it would be uncomfortable to wear black underneath thick security guard uniforms if the guards are outside in the summer months.

Black absorbs more heat and it would make it difficult for them to work outside with the sun beating down on them. A good way around this would be to pick other colors for summer months instead of plain black.

2.  Blue for Security Guard Shirts

Blue is another popular color for security guard shirts. It’s more than likely that you’ve come across security personnel wearing light blue shirts under security guard uniforms at some point. Blue is a great shirt color for guards stationed outside schools and residential complexes.

Since blue is a popular choice of color, you’ll find guards stationed outside wearing several fashionable shades of blue shirts. However, light blue or sky blue seems to be an especially popular trend in security guard uniform shirts.

Wearing a blue shirt can lend some poise and authority to your security guards. Also, blue is more calming than black for security guard uniforms. Thus, security guards wearing black pants and blue shirts could convey authority without appearing imposing.

It makes sense to have your guards dressed in this color if you don’t want your visitors to feel too intimidated. This is what makes blue an ideal color for schools and other similar places. Also, the fact that blue is a calming color allows your guards to make a style statement with the shirt.

Opt for crisp blue shirts that feel comfortable and look great on them. You could always pair these shirts with accessories like belts and hats.

These accessories will lend more dimension to your security guard uniform. This in turn would make the uniforms look more put-together. Also, an advantage of wearing light blue is that it absorbs less heat compared to darker colors.

So, your security guards can wear blue shirts in the hotter months to feel comfortable while on the job.

3.  Gray for Security Guard Shirts

Gray might not be the most popular choice for security guard shirts. But, it’s a neutral color so it makes sense to have it for these security guard uniforms. Remember to opt for shades of gray that don’t blend in too easily. The last thing you should want for the shirt is for it to blend in with other people’s outfits.

The shirts that your guards wear should be easy to identify, even from a distance. So, choosing a light, muted shade of gray is unlikely to be the ideal choice for a security guard uniform. Instead, try and opt for darker shades of gray or even grayish black. This will make the shirts appear trendy but imposing no matter what color pants they wear.

Also, remember to pair a gray security guard shirt with dark-colored accessories. Even if the shirt color is light, people will identify your guards by their accessories. Again, deep black accessories should be the ideal choice here.

Make sure the accessories you give them are as useful as they are fashionable. These accessories shouldn’t be present for aesthetic value alone. So, if they have belts, the belts should be able to carry useful tools for security guards.

These tools include flashlights and keys.

4.  Green for Security Guard Shirts

Another unusual color for security guard shirts is green. You likely haven’t come across many security guards dressed in this color. But, dark green can be a great, trendy choice for shirts and pants.

We mentioned dark green because light green can appear too laid back and playful. These aren’t the terms you should want anyone to use to describe your security guards. Dark green would be the better choice here as it would appear regal and authoritative.

But, make sure the shade of green you choose for the shirt isn’t too dark for the hotter months. Choose a shade that’s just right for all seasons for your security guards. After all, they’ll be spending a great amount of time on these shirts.


These shirt colors look great and make your security guards look smartly dressed in their security guard uniforms. So, using any of these colors is sure to lend an authoritative look to your security personnel.

You can switch up the color of security guard shirts with the changing seasons. This would allow your guards to feel comfortable if they’re stationed outside a building. Remember to choose the color of guard shirts based on where your guards are standing.

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