9 Essential Road Safety Tips That Everyone Must Know!

Road Safety Tips

Nobody wants to die on the road or return home with an injury. That’s basic human nature that they want to be safe from any threat. For them, road safety tips will be very necessary. But do you know how many people die every day while traveling on the roads? Read these stats and you will get a glimpse of how big the danger is.

  • 37,000 people die on the roads every day in the world.
  • 1.35 million people are killed in vehicle crashes in a year globally.
  • More than 38,000 Americans lose their lives on roadways every year. 
  • Road accidents are the leading cause of non-natural death of the Americans.
  • Traffic fatalities are the 8th leading factor of human deaths.

These horrifying facts are enough for everyone to make sure that he/she is traveling safely on the road. Here are some basic road safety tips considering the modern innovation in vehicles and increasing traffic on the roadways.

You Are Not Alone On The Road

Keep in mind always that you are not the only person driving on the road even if the road is empty. So always follow all of the safety guidelines. It will not only make you safe but will save other people on the road. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is there for your help and correct guidance. Read safety advisories issued by NHTSA and understand it well.

Seat Belt Always On

Seat belt is the first safety device from any minor or major vehicle accident. Whether you are sitting on a driving seat or at the back seat, don’t forget to buckle up. Put your seat belt on immediately you sit. Even if you travel in the city for a small distance of 1 mile, never forget to buckle up.

Smartphone on Driving Mode

You may never want to stay away from your cell phone but it can cost you heavy on the roads. It is a proven fact that using cell phones while driving is the leading reason behind accidents. So before starting your journey even, it’s small, put your smartphone on ‘Driving Mode’. Every phone has this feature now. It will help you to attend urgent calls without distracting from the road.

Use Sunglasses on a hot day

People driving on a hot day get disturbance from sunrays. So it’s safer to use sunglasses that protect your eyes from these rays. These glasses dim the sunrays and make you comfortable. Sunglasses with gray or light colors are best for driving. You can get an authentic pair of glasses online from top safety eyewear brands such as UVEX Safety Glasses, WileyX Safety Glasses, 3M Safety, and Oakley, etc. But it’s your choice to get any suitable sunglasses.

Don’t get inspired by racing movies

Racing movies are thrilling to watch. Drivers in those movies go beyond the speed limit and sometimes unbelievable. But don’t worry, they don’t do that in real. So don’t get inspired by their fascinating speedy cars. While on the road, always follow the speed limits. Bypassing the speed limit will cost you a heavy fine.

No Loud Music in Vehicle

Listening to music is a good activity but not when you are driving. You may enjoy loud music at parties, concerts, private gatherings, or alone at home, but it is as dangerous as not wearing a seat belt. Loud music in the vehicle makes you dumb and you are not able to hear anything outside. It means you cannot listen to the horns from the vehicles behind. Loud music is also not good for hearing ability. However, you can listen to music at a very low volume.

Check Weather Conditions Always

Weather plays an important factor in safe driving. Consider the weather conditions before going out for a long journey. Check the weather anticipation from your smartphone before planning your journey. If it shows some changes in the weather, plan your journey accordingly.

During extreme weather conditions like a storm, heavy rainfall, snowfall, and strong wind, etc. Follow traffic advisory issued by your local or national traffic safety organization.

Safety lies in Your Lane

Always drive in your lane. Don’t change the lane frequently, it distracts other vehicles and causes accidents. Show your manners on the road by keeping in the same lane. If a lane change is necessary, don’t do it abruptly. Use the indicators and change the lane at a safe distance from the vehicles behind.

No Driving with Bad Health

Driving is not something that you have to do at any cost. If you feel unwell, take a rest. If you catch a disease, don’t put your safety in danger by driving. Don’t drive until you heal from the disease. Till then, you should use alternate resources for traveling like using a cab. Following these basic road safety tips will ensure that you arrive at your destination and return home safely.

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