Advantage and Disadvantage of Social Media Networking

Social Media Networking

Social media Networking has the power to convey the news, information, thoughts, knowledge, and a huge platform of sharing a lot of things on it. Social media is a platform where everyone is free to post and share their knowledge etc. without any restriction.

Many people use social media Networking for different-different purposes like business marketing, Political Publicity, and product launching.

At present almost 85% of the public in the world is using android mobiles, laptops, and the Internet by using this, they are connected with each other so it’s very easy to convey the message or news very quickly and effectively. They spend almost all their time on phones and the internet and so it also helps to convey information fast.

From rural to urban areas almost everyone uses these social networking sites and applications. Where the world depends on technology, on the other side people find social media job because they become familiar with the world’s knowledge and the culture of the different-different places.

Convey power of social media is unacceptable because news from one person to person can be spread quickly, where the almost 60%-70% public always spend their time on mobile, Some people use these platforms for their Business promotion, Firm, and Political views also.

Advantage of Social Media Networking

The advantage of social media is that it has the power of spreading news very fast without wasting so much time because these people get the information and present the status of any news and the condition.

Globally it is very advantageous for the public and plays a very important role, At present a lot of people running their business and promoting on social media by which they are getting better responses and some of the revolutionary people running their revolution on social media networking.

The disadvantage of Social Media Networking

Social media is a huge platform where news or information spreads every day but some of the negative people pollute this platform by spreading wrong or fake information on the media.

It’s human nature and irony that the public easily trusts the information they see on the phones or the internet without knowing the truth behind the information on social media networking results become them change their mind set regarding the subject.

Because of this without knowing the truth behind the fake information gives a very bad experience and people hate and misbehave only because of inappropriate information. So it is essential to find out the truth about the information.

Not only the public but political parties also forward fake information to distract the public on social media networking and make it favorable for them.

Because of social media, the world becomes very small by connecting people with each other and they spend their time on phones, so it’s very easy to forward fake information results and people trust them.


  • The government should take some strict decision against social media 
  • They should make some rules on social media networking sites
  • They should turn it into the growth of the nation and the world
  • It can be done by making strict rules and taking action against the organization. Importance of Social Media Networking

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