OgyMogy Monitoring App: the Best App For Employers!

OgyMogy Monitoring App

Living in the digital era having a monitoring software is a must-have option for all kinds of business. Whether you work in the government sector or private, own a small business, or work in a big multinational company, monitoring the employees are necessary. For that, OgyMogy Monitoring App is best for employers. It not only increase the productivity of the employees but also saves the resources of the organization by saving them getting distracted in useless activities. Instead of using old ways to monitor employees’ official activities, it is better and more efficient to get a spy app. Technology has made things easier and more efficient. A monitoring app is far better than old surveillance methods.

Easy to use and less complicated:

It makes it easier and less complicated and gets far better results. There are many monitoring software available in the store. That offers a lot of features for employee monitoring. Some are solely made for this, other offers features like parental control apps as well. Some give a free trial, other offers different packages that allow the user to select. We are here to discuss one of the best employee monitoring app that can be used by the employers to efficiently monitor their employee’s activities inside and outside the workplace. The app is OgyMogy. 

OgyMogy offers many kinds of packages you can just select the desired one and install the app. The installation process is very simple and easy to follow. But it is important here to mention that you need to physically access the target person device to install the monitoring software. But don’t worry about this, because this is only a one-time step. After the installation, you will have remote access to every official device of the workplace. OgyMogy has the mac version that supports the mac system and windows version that supports the windows system. You can choose according to your desire. You can also track all the employees through their cell phone by using the android version of The OgyMogy spy app.

Save Their Digital Footsteps: 

Employees are bound to get distracted by many diversion slike social media apps or any online game etc. So OgyMogy allows you to keep track of the online activities of the employees with a timestamp. OgyMogy saves the details of websites visited or bookmarked during working hours. Thus you will know about all those employees who waste their time on useless internet browsing. 

Watch Their Screens:

OgyMogy offers the screen recording feature for Android phones as well as windows and mac systems. Thus you can watch all the official gadgets screen with screen recording app feature of OgyMogy in realtime. You can also check that what are they up to during working hours by watching the short recorded videos and screenshots captured by OgyMogy.

Ban The Use Of Social Media In Office Hours:

OgyMogy has this long list of spy apps build for social media trackings. Like Instagram spy app, FaceBook spy app, Twitter spy app, and many more. Thus any obsessed FaceBook user or Instagrammer will be get traced out immediately with the help of OgyMogy. OgyMogy allows you remote access to monitor social media activities as well. You can check to whom the employees are in contact with on social media accounts, their chats history, and voice log information as well.

Track Their Location:

You can track the exact location of the employee by using the location tracking feature of OgyMogy. You can mark the safe or restricted zone on google map. Thus OgyMogy tells you the location of the employee in real-time making it impossible for them to lie about their location. You can use this feature of OgyMogy to track the drivers or delivery guys of the office.

Listen To Their Conversation:

No employers want someone to disturb the general environment of the workplace. So anyone who spreads rumors or gossip in the office needs to be get scolded. OgyMogy can help you with that. It allows the user to listen to the random chats and conversation around the target person’s device. It gives you access to the mic of the smartphone thus you can listen to the recording as well as live surrounding voices. 

Save Company’s Secrets :

OgyMogy allows you to track any suspicious activity happening in the workplace. For example, sharing confidential data or information to outsiders is morally and ethically wrong for any employee. OgyMogy can help you to keep an eye on any suspect by giving you remote access to his emails and passwords with keylogging feature.

Try the OgyMogy monitoring spp and make your work life more easier and comfortable. There is also some multi-site maintenance software available.

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