The process to scale multi-site maintenance software

multi-site maintenance software

Selecting a facility maintenance software is a critical decision for businesses. Things become even more complicated when businesses have multiple-locations to deal with. In this scenario, you would have to go with multi-site maintenance software. That is like scaling from the traditional CMMS system. And enables businesses to efficiently manage multiple locations from one central control point.

Now, there can be two scenarios where businesses would need to transit from a traditional CMMS system to multi-site maintenance software. These include;

  • In the first scenario, a business may have successfully implemented the CMMS system at a single location. It is satisfied with the implementation of the system at the pilot site. In this case, the business may want to expand the system to its other locations for better management
  • The second scenario of scaling from a single-site CMMS system to a multi-site maintenance software is when the organization. Which is experiencing organic growth due to a new acquisition or expanding into new markets. In this scenario, implementing multi-site maintenance software enable the organization to keep up with the performance level of its assets and equipment. Multiple sites with real-time data access and interactive reporting tools.

A multi-site maintenance software enables companies to create a central node (control point) to manage the needs of multiple locations. While saving on the IT support costs, as well as, keeping up with the efficiency levels to get higher returns on investment. Or the leverage full potential or organic growth.

Below, we have come up with some multi-site maintenance software implementation tips. That ensures a smooth and streamline transition of CMMS system across all locations:

–         Create a detailed plan

As said earlier, implementing a CMMS system is a critical undertaking for business and scaling it to multi-site maintenance is still a more significant undertaking. To be able to successfully implement the multi-site system. They need to have a well-defined cross-functional team of professionals from different teams including the IT personnel and maintenance managers, along with other relevant stakeholders. The objective of the team should be to come up with a detailed strategic work plan with clearly defined roles and responsibilities to ensure smooth implementation of the system.

–         Asset naming Convention

When you are looking to manage multiple sites, it’s important to have identifiable tags in the system for each and every asset. For this reason, it’s important to plan and execute a detailed asset naming convention for accurate management in the future.

–         System Administrator

Before you being with the Multi-site CMMS system implementation, take on board an experienced and expert system administrator. They should be able to create, edit, and update the CMMS system like the maintenance schedule, type, assets tagging fields, and others. The person would act as the global administrator to manage and supervise the system across all sites.

–         Tracking Capability

Keeping the history of repairs and maintenance is also important, as it enables the operational teams. As well as the executives to identify the problems and take necessary precautions to mitigate the root causes of any maintenance issues popping up regularly. Tracking the preventive maintenance and repair history. Also enables companies to take identify patterns and take preemptive measures to replace any parts before it goes down.

–         Go with an interactive and Intuitive system

Lastly, remember, the multi-site CMMS system you would implement at your facility. That would be used by all employees including the technicians, workers, managers, and higher above. Thereby, when you are about to choose the multi-site maintenance software, make sure you go with the system that comes with an interactive and intuitive interface, with easy implementation requirements. So everyone in the company is able to fully utilize the functionalities of the system for maximum efficiency.

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