Past, Present, and Future of SEO Trends and Techniques

SEO Trends

SEO is changing every moment! If you own a website, you need to keep yourself updated about the recent changes in SEO trends. Read below to know the past, present, and future of SEO.

The glimpse of the past:

Evolution of SEO

During early 2000:

  • The local SEO received priority among users
  • Google penalized illegal SEO techniques

During mid-2000

  • Google focused on improving search engine experience for users
  • New search engines emerged

From the year 2000-2010

  • Google introduced user-centred content
  • Search engines blended SEO with new algorithms to make the usage easier
  • Zero click searches received attention

From 2010 till today

  • Universal search has gained huge attention
  • Mobile-friendly content is in demand
  • YouTube, Amazon receives global attention
  • Voice search is of top priority

The golden present – 2019 onwards

Emerging methods and insights

SEO is growing day by day; many marketers and business owners are choosing SEO trends and techniques to bring change. In addition, many researchers are conducting an in-depth analysis to identify the loopholes in the SEO techniques and find a solution to it. Similarly, the internet has become a common source for the emerging SEO techniques (according to the changing demands in society)

Local SEO companies

Even though localized search received importance back in early 2000. The local search has emerged successfully into the in-demand need for most of the regional business owners. Many bootstrapped professionals and SEO companies are offering reasonable local SEO packages to help budding companies utilize SEO in their day-to-day activities. Local SEO techniques are quite important to gain the attention of local customers and for promoting business

Increasing awareness

This is an indisputable fact!

Above all, with the advent of various search engines, business owners and users are receiving important information about what is SEO, and how to use it in business.

Quality customers

Since business owners are receiving apt information about SEO trends. And they are applying SEO techniques to their content- gaining quality customer attention has become easier.

Real-time improvement

Real-time data analysis has become possible with the advancement of SEO techniques. For instance, business owners are using both paid and free SEO tools, methods to bring necessary changes to their company website. So, real-time improvement of SEO has become easier due to the availability of qualified increasing SEO professionals

The shift from point solutions

Although, earlier business owners utilized traditional methods of marketing and business development to solve a problem related to their business. However, these days’ business owners and e-commerce retailers have shifted their attention to utilizing SEO methods for analysis, problem-solving, and decision-making.  

Better optimization for hustles

This is one of the best features of SEO emergence!

Business owners are optimizing their websites as per the customer requirement. In other words, SEO tools are making the optimization process much simpler. This helps their business to grow and earn a good profit margin in the end.

The future prediction:

Dominance over search engines

SEO will dominate the search engine experience compared to the present scenario. However, the majority of the crowd let us say about 90% of them will be aware of how to utilize SEO for finding answers to their queries.

The strategy of storytelling

Marketers will adopt the strategy of storytelling to pursue their customers to avail of products and services. SEO will certainly boost the storytelling experience and help gain worldwide customer attention.

Al Vs Search experience

Artificial intelligence will take over the practice of search queries!

Machine learning will develop with time, and technology will mirror our requirements. Unlike traditional methods of collecting customer responses from people manually. Hence, AI will make it easier by enabling systems to do this task and predict the future preferences of customers.   

Consumer persona identification

Marketers will find it easier to identify customer choices and develop strategies to approach worldwide audiences. Similarly, most of the marketers will easily map out a real-time customer persona.

SEO dependent marketing

Technological advancements will force marketers to depend entirely on SEO trends.

 For instance, marketers will learn machine language and interpret the data collected. Starting from search engines to offline marketing, SEO optimization will be in demand.

Identification of loopholes

Identification of loopholes in SEO driven market will be easier. The reason behind this will be the awareness of the subject of SEO. For instance, in early 2000, when owners did not receive a good response over websites. Similarly, they did know how to approach a problem. 


SEO is a great asset!

Therefore, increasing brand loyalty will be easier with the continuous development of SEO techniques. However, marketers and business owners have to keep themselves updated with the changing trends to attend success.

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