Top 7 Myths about Washing Machines in Indian household

Washing Machines

A washing machine is one of the essential devices that are fast becoming a necessity in Indian households. We all know how important a washing machine has become these days in the metro as well as smaller cities in India and elsewhere. The availability of electricity, even in far-flung areas in India, has enabled people to have a washing machine. It has helped them save time and effort that were earlier spent in doing laundry. 

With a washing machine, it is easier to wash lots of clothes together. A semi-automatic washing machine is a cost-effective device that needs supervision while under a wash cycle. On the other hand, a fully automatic washing machine is a bit costly as it has a washer and dryer tub together. 

Types of Watching Machines:

Washing machines are of two types – semi-automatic and fully automatic. A semi-automatic washing machine is less expensive than a fully automatic as its wash cycle needs to be supervised. On the other hand, a fully automatic washing machine can work on its own once you throw in detergent, water, and clothes. It is because it has a washer and dryer tubs clubbed together.   

The price of a semi-automatic washing machine in India begins at around Rs.7,000 and Rs.12,000 for a fully automatic washing machine. The price has reduced for models in India because of the intense pricing between brands to woo customers.        

Despite being such a viable household device, many people don’t invest in a washing machine as they are concerned about some myths. 

Many potential washing machine buyers feel apprehensive about purchasing one as they may have many wrong concepts or myths regarding it. 

Thus, to help such people, we have created this article to bust major myths concerning a washing machine. 

Once these myths are debunked, then you will be able to buy the best washing machines as per your preferences and budget. Hence, it becomes a must to clear doubts so that you can buy the best washing machine matching your needs and budget. 

Myth 1 – Front loaders are better – True 

Yes, front loading washing machines are better than top loaders. You may debate about power efficiency; front loading washing machine can wash and dry clothes better than top loaders. They are also well optimized for competent water and detergent usage. Latest technologies have also made front loaders more silent than before. 

Myth 2 – You should not fill the washer with clothes – False 

Washing machines come with a predefined load capacity, which is measured in volume and denoted in kilograms. While you must not stuff clothes, it is fine to fill the washer with clothes to its limit. 

Myth 3 – Throwing more detergent will lead to cleaner clothes – False 

It is one of the most common myths going around the globe. Adding more soap into the wash cycle will result in more foam, leading to possible component failure. You may also have to experience unpleasant smell if there are residues left. 

Myth 4 – Washing stained clothes immediately may get rid of the stain – False 

No matter how and when the strain was caused, it will need a pre-wash treatment before starting the wash cycle. A washing machine will be able to clean it at once and won’t be able to concentrate, in particular on a single stain.   

Myth 5 – Hot water washer clothes better – True 

It is a fact that heat disinfects and when you use hot water, then it is able to wash your clothes better when compared to regular or cold water. However, using hot water also means increasing the power consumption. 

Myth 6 – Nothing can get stuck in the washing machine – False 

You may believe that when the washing machine is able to seal water, then it can withstand anything else. A washing machine is a moving device if you accidentally forget a coin or two. It may get stuck in the outlet pump, and coins may even damage the drum during the spin cycle.    

Myth 7 – Washing machines do not require any maintenance unless an issue comes up – False 

Washing machines, like any other electronics, can’t be taken for granted and you must maintain it so that you can use it for a long time. 

Now that you are aware of all washing machine myths. It would be easier for you to buy an LG washing machine, Haier washing machine, and other brands.

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