The Purposes And Functions Of Jewels In Watches

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Many people imagine luxury timepieces the first-time they hear about “watch with jewels.” We all get excited to see such a precious watch even if we don’t have the money to buy one, right? There are watches available on the best online watch store with gems inside them. But truth to be told, the jewels on them are not real and are synthetically made.

You may see timepieces with exposed backs that display gems, but this is just the lab work. However, you may find such timepieces costly than others and wonder why they are so expensive. Well, that’s because the process of making synthetic jewels isn’t easy and requires serious efforts.

Now you may be wondering if the jewels aren’t real then why the best Seiko watches have them? This is the reason why we have written this article for you to read. After reading it, you’ll know the functions of these jewels and why jewel watches are so costly.

Functions of Jewels in a Watch

The first obvious reason why brands add jewels in watches is to drive their prices up. Even if they are not real, gems adds beauty to timepieces and give them an aesthetic look. The second and major reason for adding jewels is to make a timepiece last longer.

Watches are made of teeny-tiny gears that run together to display time. However, the gears need lubrication to avoid friction otherwise they would fall apart with time. Now we know that it isn’t easy to take your watch to a mechanic for lubricating the gears regularly, right? Also, most watches are sealed tightly and opening them may destroy their looks.

This is where gems come to help, as they keep friction at bay. These synthetically produce jewels are placed between gears to prevent excessive friction. That’s why watches with jewels are often expensive than ordinary timepieces. 

Are More Jewels In A Watch Better?

Yes, more jewels inside a watch means less friction and the gears work smoothly. This is the reason why most mechanical timepieces have gems inside them. Even the cheaper watches have glass pieces to prevent friction so that they can run for a long time. Whereas, the expensive mechanical watches have synthetically made gems in a large quantity.

Luxury mechanical timepieces normally have around 17 gems inside them between different gears. As the prices of watches go up, the number of gems also increases.

Another reason why more jewels are better is the accuracy of time. The gears get slower as the friction between different parts increases with time. Gems in your timepiece stops this from happening and ensure that your watch display accurate time.

Do Quartz Watches Have Gems?

Most of the watches that you see with jewels would be mechanical timepieces. They run on a mechanical movement that requires the gears to move perfectly in a synchronised way. On the contrary, a quartz watch runs on the battery and they don’t require jewels to work accurately. Plus, the gears in these timepieces are usually made of plastic which further reduces the friction.

However, luxury quartz watches also have jewels inside them, mainly for aesthetic purposes. Quartz watches also have a few gears inside them and gems can reduce their friction. They usually have around 10 gems to improve battery performance and price value.


Manufacturers add jewels inside the timepieces to ensure the gears run perfectly for a long period. These jewels offer a smooth experience and at the same time add value to the timepieces. Luxury quartz watches have steel gears and therefore need jewels to work perfectly. So, the next time you go to buy a watch, ask the dealer what type of gems a watch has hidden inside.

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