6 Elements of A Successful Safety Program And Its Impact

Safety Program

Humans have been working to create a safer and secure environment. To achieve this target, they have identified potential threats and safety measures to prevent dangers. Most threats and accidents are in the workplace. Workplace safety hazards are the ultimate goal of every employee and employer. However, these dangers are still present in the workplace. Read this fact and you will know the adversity of the situation and the safety program.

An American worker gets injured every 7 seconds. That makes 13,000 employees every day

Organizations have realized the situation and they have been working with safety regulatory authorities to minimize the threats. Companies have launched safety programs on the organizational level for all of their employees. These safety programs can be about a specific body part or the whole body. For example, eye injury is a common incident in industries like construction, manufacturing, bio-medical laboratories, and maintenance services. So these companies conduct Corporate Safety Eyewear Program offered by safety eyewear providers.

Why Companies Need Safety Programs

Now the question comes to mind why companies need to run safety programs and how are they beneficial for them? The answer lies in the performance of the employees. Studies have shown that employees perform better if they feel safe at the workplace. Working in an unsafe environment will make them uncomfortable and psychologically impaired. So making the employees safe means making the business safe.

A Safe Workplace for safe business growth

When the employees show their best physical and mental abilities at work, it affects the business growth positively. They engage with their colleagues in a better manner that leads to the growth collectively. Surveys have revealed that companies that invest in safety management get a better result than their competitors in the industry. You can also observe many examples from the companies in your area.

Elements of a Safety Program

A safety program is supposed to enhance the performance of the employees. So whenever any business company launches its safety initiative, ensure that it meets the following objectives.

It Covers All of the Work Premises

Safety danger can happen anywhere anytime as a fire explosion can occur in a corporate office or at work site. So the program must cover all of the office locations of the company. If the company has offices at different geographical locations, it should also cover all other locations.

All Employees Should Be Part of It

The safety program should not be discriminative. Every employee requires a safe workplace to yield their best performance. So every employee should be part of the program. One more feature of the program is that it must be accessible to the employees all the time. 

Employee Awareness through training and assistance

Not every worker has used PPE devices before. So just giving them the equipment can be vulnerable. Instead, conduct a thorough briefing and training for every employee before handing over their safety wear. Companies can conduct training by any external safety practitioner or through internal instructors. Safety training should be part of the employee’s overall professional training.

Compliance with OSHA Safety Standards

OSHA is working hard to make safe workplaces in America. Before launching the program, ensure that it complies with safety standards issued by OSHA. After the launch, if you find any flaw in the program, revise the program accordingly.

Use of PPE During Work Is Must

A good feature of the program is that it makes the employees aware to use their protection equipment during work. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that 3 out of 5 injuries happen at the workplace because the employees were not wearing their PPE. So either through company regulations or any reward program, make sure that every employee wears the safety equipment.

24/7 Support from Safety Provider

Safety is not all about using equipment at work. It’s about using them correctly. So support should be part of the program. Businesses should do an agreement with those safety providers who also offer 24/7 support through phone, online, and chat. Like Eyeweb Safety offers support service through phone, online, and chat.

Impact on Business

A safety program is beneficial to organizations in many aspects. Some of the immediate effects are the following:

  • It reduces injuries and illness among employees.
  • It improves the overall employee benefits offered by the company.
  • Companies save their millions of dollars by saving expenses on medical and insurance claims of the employees injured at the workplace.
  • It improves the work environment in the company as employees engage more with others.
  • Employees enjoy better mental and physical health at the workplace and home also.
  • It makes a positive public repute of the organization.
  • It enhances the social responsibility of the company.
  • The company enjoys increased profit through increased productivity.

Regardless of any industry, every business needs to adopt the safety standard for their ultimate growth.

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