State Your Wanderlust With Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

Beautiful Beaches

Made up of about 71% of water, of which 96.5% is held in oceans, our planet is home to several most exotic and beautiful beaches. Beaches are the most beautiful example of natural & scenic beauty on earth. Colorful sand, crystal clear water, lush green trees, sky blue clouds, hot sun, cool breeze, different water animal species, and several water sports activities, there is nothing quite like beaches on earth. While some of them are found in the heart of world-famous countries, whereas many beaches are hidden in tropical islands, little far yet approachable from your imaginations and expectations. 

The beauty of the beaches is unimaginable, you’ll never get enough words to describe these beautiful beaches. Combination of blue water, green palm trees, white sand, sky blue cloud, these most beautiful beaches in the world are the grace of God.  

With the most beautiful cities & other attractions in the world, these extraordinary beaches are set in beautiful locations that are relatively accessible to travelers. This is impossible to describe the beauty of these beaches in words. To get enough experience, you need to reach these most beautiful beaches in the world to experience the real & natural beauty from too close. 

However, we have rounded a list with the most beautiful yet exotic beaches, just to let you not compromise with your desires and dream of relaxing at the calm & staggering beaches. So let’s dive into the beauty of the alluring natural beauty of our planet called “Beach”. 

Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

Zlatni Rat Beach

Zlatni Rat Beach is the V-shaped beach which changes shape and length depending on the current tide and wind. Nicknamed the “Golden Horn”, the beach has beautiful lush greenery, turquoise & dark blue water and pink sand that makes it stand out of the crowd of the beaches. Regularly featured on the cover page of travel magazines around the globe, Zlatni Rat Beach is the most popular tourist destination in Croatia. Its elegance & appeal have made it a symbol of both Bol and Croatia also protected by the government as a Geo-morphological monument. Usually, mornings are calm and windless and the wind blows every afternoon but one side of the beach is always calm that offers a perfect condition to relax with families. 

Anse Lazio Beach, Seychelles

Anse Lazio Beach

Anse Lazio Beach has a very good reason to be on the list of most beautiful beaches in the world. This stunning piece of Seychelles is one of the most beautiful photographed beaches in the world. Nestled with turquoise water, loft palm trees, golden sand, and most importantly, huge granite boulders, make it the most stunning beach, perfect for photos, swimming, and snorkeling. Not only this, but it has also a range of activities to make the beach and your holidays more appealing. Whether you’re looking for relaxation from your daily life, or romance being a newly married couple, this beach is on another level of beauty. Therefore, this beautiful beach has something for everything. 

Ora Beach, Indonesia

Ora Beach

If you have never experienced a hut in your life, you need to check-in to Seram Island, Indonesia. The location of the Beach is just stunning and offers breathtakingly beautiful views. Hence, the most beautiful part of the beach is, you can stay in the beautiful houses set on the shore of the beach which are all set to make your experience more enthusiastic. These huts are luxurious and will not compromise with your comfort. Sitting in the veranda, beholding the beautiful view, the cold breeze and water splash touches you slightly will amaze you. Alongside, you can also swim along with colorful fishes, blue starfish, and even with the sea turtle which is extremely out of the world experience. When this much natural beauty exists on our earth, who wants to miss the opportunity to witness it?    

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Whitehaven Beach

Another beach on the list is Whitehaven, located in Australia. Consistently rated at the top in the list of most beautiful beaches in Australia, Whitehaven is known as Queensland. Accessible by boat, helicopter or seaplane, it serves almost 7 kilometers of glittering white sand backed with turquoise water that gives a stunning view to eyes. Turquoise water and white sand make it the most photographed beach in Australia and the most enjoyed as well. However, make sure to visit your digicam to capture the stunning photographs. 

Navagio Beach, Greece

Navagio Beach

Nestled with dazzling white limestone cliffs, Navagio Beach is the most beautiful beach as it is the home to sparkling turquoise water and water activities. However, this gorgeous beach is regularly featured in travel magazines for its beauty in Greece. Ironically accessible by boat only, Navagio Beach is known for its unforgettable experiences. The green cliffs & blue water gives a relaxing view to the eyes. What else do you desire when you are amidst such a heart-touching beach? This beach has everything to offer you, from water sports activities to picturesque views, soft white sand to crystal water. 

Be it Seychelles or Australia, our planet is blessed with several beautiful natural attractions in which beaches are the most beautiful in the world. Whenever you’re looking for a break from hectic city life, just put beaches on your itinerary and rest in your arms.  

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