Linksys RE6300 Range Extender setup with complete guide

Linksys RE6300 Range Extender

The Linksys RE6300 range extender allows us to extend our Wi-Fi signal with consistent speeds and a strong range of network eliminating any sort of dead-zones and interruptions. It covers an area of 6500 square feet to enjoy seamless internet services for streaming, gaming, video calling, chatting and browsing with the click on a button. This device has an intuitive interface and easy-to-setup design. It supports up to 733 MB/s combined speeds with the 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-bands respectively. The Linksys spot-finder technology that comes with the range of Linksys extenders helps us eliminate dead zones by giving us instructions in the manual and the application interface to move the extender either close or far away from the main Wi-Fi router giving us a clear idea about the signal strength that we are about to receive.

Linksys RE6300 Browser Setup

  • Make sure the Linksys RE-6300 Range extender and your main Wi-Fi router are connected to a power source.
  • Using your computer or laptop, using the Wi-Fi settings connect to a Wi-Fi network that says ‘Linksys Extender Setup – xxx’.
  • In the same device, use the web browser and search for re6300 setup or “”.
  • On the page opened, click on ‘Start Setup’. On the next page, select the option ‘As a wireless range extender or Access Point’. Now click on ‘Next’.
  • Now on the next page, from the list of Wi-Fi networks, select the Wi-Fi network that your router is having. You may have to do this process twice as it is a dual-band extender with 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands separately.
  • If you cannot find your Wi-Fi network’s SSID in the list, then select ‘Manually Enter Username and Password’.
  • Once you select the appropriate Wi-Fi network, you can modify the username and password for your re6300 extender’s bands separately.
  • On the next page, you can determine the signal strength and distance of your extender from the main Wi-Fi router using the ‘Spot Finder Technology’.
  • At last, set an administrative password to keep the configuration secure and only editable by you. Click ‘Save’ once you’ve done all the processes.
  • Enter your E-Mail ID to register this product under your name. Click on ‘Next’. Once you are sure, click on ‘Done’ to save the settings made.

Linksys RE6300 Range Extender WPS Setup

  • Plug the Linksys RE6300 Range Extender to a power supply close to the main Wi-Fi router. The LED indicator will blink in a green color up to a minute or so.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes until the color changes to a solid ‘Amber’ color and then proceed.
  • Now press the ‘WPS’ button on the main ‘Wi-Fi’ router. Within a couple of minutes press the ‘WPS’ button that is present on the side of the range extender that is present on the right side.
  • The WPS button will start glowing and the LED indicator on the front will blink ‘green’ in color in some time.
  • If the LED indicator on the front of the re6300 repeater turns into a solid ‘green’ color, then the connection between the extender and main Wi-Fi router was successful.
  • If you find the LED indicator to blink in ‘amber’ then the connection has failed suddenly.
  • Repeat from Step 4 once again.
  • This procedure must be followed twice if you have dual-antenna extenders for 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands respectively.
  • Connection Quality on RE6300 Repeater:
  1. If the LED indicator has a solid ‘green’ color, then it is ready to use.
  2. The LED indicator has a solid ‘amber’ color, then the extender must be brought a little closer to the Wi-Fi router.
  3. In the case if the LED indicator has a blinking ‘amber’ color, then you have no connection between the extender and the router.

How to update Firmware on Linksys Re6300 extender

  • Visit ‘https www.linksys. com/in/support-article?articleNum=169359’ to download the firmware file.
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi router and range extender are connected to a power source.
  • Connect either your computer or laptop to its Wi-Fi network and use the browser in that same device to search for ‘http extender.linksys com re6300 setup’ or ‘’.
  • Enter the administrative password to enter the configuration page of the extender.
  • If you haven’t created an administrative password, then leave the username field ‘blank’ and enter the password as ‘admin’.
  • In the configuration panel on the left side, select Administration Firmware Upgrade.
  • If you have a stable internet connection, then select the ‘Update Now’ option under the ‘Automatic Update’ tab.
  • Else, under the ‘Manual Update’ tab, select ‘Select a File’.
  • Select the firmware file that you had downloaded and saved on the desktop earlier. Click on ‘Save’ and it will take about a couple of minutes for the extender to reboot and update the settings.

In the case of any issue related to Linksys RE6300 WiFi Range Extender setup then you just get connected with us. We will provide you the best solution for your issue. This blog will help you to provides Linksys RE6300 Range Extender setup with easy steps. Read this blog step by step and resolve your issue.

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