Is screen recording app important for business safety?

screen recording app

Business organizations are dealing with plenty of issues that can harm a business. Apart from the cyber threats, inappropriate activities on the business owned device can put a business safety at stake at any point in time. Business firms since been transformed with technology such as mobile phones, tablets, and PC devices, and employers have to keep an eye on employees in working hours.

 Employees these days are trying to make easy money by selling business owned secrets and they steal intellectual property from business devices. Moreover, they use to waste time in working hours and do plenty of unproductive activities. 

Therefore, the role of the screen recording app has increase that enables employers to record the screen of business devices.  The significance of technological tools has increased. It allows you to know what employees are doing on the screen of the device.

What is screen recorder software?

It is a high –tech tool of TheOneSpy software. It was developed and designed for the safety of business firms. It further empowers you to keep an eye on your employee’s activities on business devices. It is packed with the products that allow you to monitor cellphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop devices running with different operating systems. 

You can use it on Android phones and tablet devices and further on mac and windows computer devices. Every product has different features, and it includes screen recording tools. Users can subscribe to the cellphone surveillance app, and computer monitoring software. Now it is up to you whether you want to record the screen of a cellphone device or PC.

 However, you have to get a subscription against them separately. Suppose you have got the cellphone surveillance app license, then you can get dozens of features to know the activities performed on the target device. 

Users can use screen recorder for phone, screenshots, keystrokes logger, call recording, internet history, IM’s VoIP calls, IM’s social media, GPS location tracking, and many more. However, remote features enable you to block the internet, text messages, and incoming calls remotely. 

How to subscribe for a screen recording app for business safety?

If you want to record your employee’s mobile or tablet device screen, then you need to go through the TheOneSpy. Once you have got access to TOS and then get the subscription instantly. Furthermore, you will get the credentials via email. Just make a check on your email and get a password and ID. Now you need to have physical access on the target device. Once you have got the access, and then start the process of installation. When you have completed the installation process, then activate it on the target device. Now use the credentials and get access to the online web portal. In addition to that go the features like screen recording and many others that enable you to know every activity employees are doing on the target cellphone device.

Use mobile phone surveillance app tools for business safety? 

Live screen recording

Users can remotely get access to the business owned devices using the online portal of phone tracker software. In addition to that, activate the screen recorder app. It certainly starts making short time videos of the screen in a series back to back and then delivers the recoded videos of the screen to the online dashboard. It can make short videos of social media usage, internet browsing history, email activities, stored data, or stealing data activities and other possible activities on a business owned phone screen. Users can watch the recording of the screen and stay updated all the time about employee’s activities in working hours.


Users can use the online dashboard of phone monitoring software and schedule plenty of screenshots back to back and send the command on the target device. Once the commands have received on the target device it will start capturing screenshots and save to the web portal.

Block internet

Users can go to the web control panel of the cell phone monitoring app and use its remote features to stop any kind of inappropriate activity that becomes the reason behind data breaching. Users can block messages, incoming calls, and the internet on business-owned devices.


TheOneSpy the best app for employers to make sure about the safety of the business.

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